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Please contact us and receive a date confirmation before purchasing this package.


This is a downpayment reserving a previously discussed date for an all onsite glass fusion party. This includes the host's first pendant creation.

HourGlass brings supplies to your location and instructs how to create your own unique glass fused pendants and/or earrings with vibrant, patterned dichroic fusing glass. In the All Onsite Party Package the pendants will be assembled and fused onsite. Varying on the expected class size, 1-2 travel kilns will be brought and set up at the class. HourGlass' travel kilns require no more than a wall outlet for electricity. After they have cooled down and the bails are attached, they can be taken home that very day! Attendees do not need to be present for the fusion process. This is great for birthday parties, bachelorette parties, team-building meetings, family gatherings, or to make a movie night with friends even more exciting!


Class Time: 15 min instruction / 45-75 min creation

Assembly: Onsite / Fusion: Onsite 3-3.5 hours 

Bail Assembly: 30 min / Pick up: Same-day

Total Time: 5-5.5 hours

Reservation: $60 - $35 goes towards host's first pendant

Cost Per Person: $35 for first fusion, $15 per additional fusion 

Max Pendants: 32 

All Onsite Party Reservation

SKU: AllOnParty
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