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I have no art experience, I’m definitely not an artist, can I do this?

-YES! If you can use tweezers to pick things up and set them down you can design your own unique glass fused pendant! Instructions will be provided on how to properly score (cut) glass, break glass and how to arrange a beautiful unique pendant and pair of earrings. The initial fee of $35 covers your first pendant/earrings, every additional pendant or pair of earrings will cost $15. 

How far do you travel for classes?

-Venues within a ninety minute drive of downtown Lakewood, Ohio are accepted! Please contact us with your venue location so we can see if we can make it out to you. Unfortunately we do not have out of state locations at this time.

Soo glass, how safe is it?

-Glass is not to be feared! The dichroic glass will be precut into small manageable pieces. Everyone will be provided tweezers to sort through and handle the glass bits. If you follow all safety instructions and are conscious of what you’re handling there is nothing to fear. Accidents do happen, but rarely is it more than a small prick and bandaids are always on hand.


Is there an age limit?

-Ages 8+ can make a pendant. Children ages 8-15 will not be handling scoring tools or cutting glass, either our instructor or a supervising adult will be able to make all cuts for them. If the class hosted is for a K-12 classroom or an adolescent group such as a girl scout troop, a waiver will be supplied to be signed before students participate. 

What payment options do you accept?

-Paypal, and credit/debit is accepted on the website. In person classes, cash and credit/debit will be accepted. If you are a venue hosting a public event; Ticketed, Full Class Prepay, or Pay at Venue is accepted. 4-8 weeks notice is recommended for public ticketed or Pay at Venue events to allow for advertising.

How can I advertise my public class?

-A flyer will be created and emailed to be printed and displayed at your venue. The class will be displayed on HourGlass' Event page. HourGlass will additionally provide a pendant to be displayed along side the flyer. This pendant or a pendant of their choosing can be redeemed by the host of the venue if 10 or more people sign up to the public event. We can also provide images for a social media post. 

How will people get tickets for my public or private event?

-HourGlass will create a personalized event on our Event page for your group to accept payments. If the event is private, please provide a guest list so tickets can be properly policed. 


I’m not comfortable scoring glass, can I still make a pendant?

-Absolutely. You simply use a marker to draw out what cuts you need and the instructor or a nearby friend can make the score and break for you. 


When I think glass, I think shatter, what kind of mess do I expect from this?

-There will be glass shatter. If all tool and safety instructions are properly followed there will be little mess afterwards, most glass shatter will be too small to pierce the skin. HourGlass will provide table covers for quick clean up, along with a mini dust pan. IF the glass creation will be in a room with carpeted floor, please have a vacuum on hand for HourGlass to use. 


How safe is this around food?

-Feel free to bring food and drink to the glass fusion party. However remember, we will be handling and breaking glass, HourGlass highly encourages that food and drink is kept on a separate table away from the glass. 


I put my pendant together, now what?

-After the pendants are created they will be placed into an Evenbrite kiln, and heated up to 1450 degrees until they are fully fused together. Once fused they are left to cool back down to room temperature. Varying on the package purchased they will either be fused at HourGlass’ Home Studio or at the venue. Once the pendants are able to be handled the instructor will epoxy necklace or earring bails to the back of the pieces to be worn. 


1450 degrees! Isn’t that dangerous to be around?

-The kilns are safe to be around when firing. However the instructor will be the only one to handle the kilns and will be using heat resistant gloves when handling them when they are on. The kilns are lined with firebrick and the residual temperature around the kilns will be warm.. similar to that of when you are baking in the kitchen. 


I am interested in hosting an All Onsite Party, what do I need to know about the kilns?

-Our kilns can sit on a 12x12” table and require a 120V wall outlet. If a second kiln is required for the class size an outlet on a separate wall will be required. It is recommended that these outlets do not share the same circuit as major appliances. Kiln tables and extension cords will be brought by HourGlass to be utilized if needed. Please have knowledge of where your fusebox is located for the instructor will require this information before fusion begins. This is just incase a fuse is tripped mid-fusion, it can quickly be reset before the glass supercools.


What if the kilns keep tripping the fuse?

-If the kilns repeatedly trip a fuse and are unable to reach fusion temperature, a second circuit outlet will be attempted. If that does not work, the pendants will have to be brought to HourGlass’s home studio to be fused and will be dropped off 72 hours after the date of the class. 


Bails, Earrings?

-The necklace pendant bails are Lead and Cadmium Free. The earring hooks and studs are stainless steel. 


I purchased the All Onsite party package can we wear these afterwards?

-Absolutely! Necklace cords will be available for purchase for $1 a piece at the time of class. 


I dropped my necklace and the bail popped off, what can I do?

-If the bail pops off you can easily reattach it yourself. Carefully use a razor blade or exacta-knife to remove all excess epoxy on both the bail and the pendant, then use quick dry Loctite epoxy or other epoxy that binds to glass to reattach it. Or you can simply bring the pendant or earrings to another HourGlass Studio class and we would be happy to reattach it for you.  


I dropped my necklace and it shattered, what can I do?

-Fortunately not all is lost! Glass can be fused several times. If the pieces are large and for the most part intact; please contact us, and we will work to arrange it to be sent to us. We can attempt to refuse the pendant back together for $10. Varying on how bad the break is, many times pendants fuse back together with a slight clear gap down the previous breakage.


So what exactly kind of games do you have in store for the Glass and Games package?

-HourGlass has a range of party games for group sizes ranging 4-16 people, for ages 15+. We have tried to stray away from the classic party games and step into the more unique games that will have everyone laughing and playing together. Our current bag o’ games include: Telestrations, Dixit:Odyssey, Codenames, Werewolf, What’s Yours Like?, and Two Rooms and a Boom. These games are playable for everyone of all ages and skill levels, each offering unique, fun ways to communicate with your peers. Overtime HourGlass plans on expanding their board game collection towards thematic packages.  

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